Past and Present


| December 2007

Road Roller

Andrew Golt, Plattsburgh, N.Y. (e-mail:, found this road roller while traveling. He shares his find with us, writing:

I saw this road roller near a semi-abandoned warehouse between Saratoga Springs and Albany, N.Y. It's on a main road, Route 9, between the horse town and the state capital. When I stumbled by, the caretaker was cutting the grass. All he would tell me was that the two owners, in their 20s, had a blueberry business in Maine. He shook his head in disbelief when I asked to take some photos. Just up the road I spoke to a retired dairy farmer and he confirmed the story. There is an operating roller-skating rink adjacent (same owner) on this very busy road, so someone is collecting the rent! Additional weathered equipment was a few yards away in the weeds.

Sycamore, Ill., Show

Ken Hough, (219) 462-0281; (e-mail:, snapped a few photos of the Northern Illinois Steam Power Club Annual Sycamore Steam Show this past Aug. 10-13, 2006. Ken explains:

Photo #1: This engine belongs to Justin Click of Lake Station, Ind. It's an 1893 Case center-crank 13 HP. It's one of the first engines to be at the Sycamore show 50 years ago, owned then by Rupert Jordon, a founder and president of the Northern Illinois Steam Power Club.

Photo #2 shows a Case center-crank on the Prony brake, where it pulled 56 HP.

Photo #3 is a 65 HP Case that belongs to John Haley. It is from the Rynda auction. I like this shot - it's very pastoral.