Past Operators

| September/October 1960

  • 16 hp Russell Engine
    Threshing in 1910 with a new 16 hp Russell Engine which belonged to the McCoy Brothers: Charles, John and Howard of Coshocton County, Ohio.

  • 16 hp Russell Engine

Salina Kansas

on page 14 of the Nov.-Dec. 1952 issue of the ALBUM, I wrote in part, 'I sold Ed J. streckfus, salina, an Advance 26 hp compound R.M. engine and an Advance 36-60 separator with feeder, weigher and wind stacker.'

The machinery had been a sample and was well adjusted, but after having been moved to the farm, I drove to it, early the Sunday morning before the machinery was to be tested in the field Monday, and carefully checked it to avoid, if possible, any stops or delays.

You will meet Will and Lew streckfus, subjects of this sketch, here. The Sunday morning in June 1911 I drove to that machinery, was the first time I remember seeing Will and Lew streckfus. Will was about 18 years old and Lew about 16.

Ed J. Streckfus, who had been very much the head of the family since the death of the father, and Mary O'Shea were married the fall of 1911 and moved to their farm, leaving will and Lew Streckfus take over the home place.

The same Mary O'Shea, in 1923, sold for me the last new steam engine I sold, when she said, 'I do not want Ed to work with old engines. Sell him a new one.' Ed J. streckfus bought a new Nichols & Shepard 25-85 single engine.