Past Presidents of Central States Threshers Reunion

| November/December 1995

  • Family album

  • Family album

300 Leon Dr. Apt 4, Jonesboro, Louisiana 71251

This is a photo from our family album. The people I can identify are all as follows: Front row: 1. J. D. Roberts; 3. Dan S. Zehr; 4. Elmer Ritzman, and 7. Clarence Stoller.

The local people identified were all three past presidents of the Central States Threshers Reunion. Elmer Ritzman was a welcome booster, as well as founder of IMA; Dan Zehr was the founding president of Central States and Mr. Roberts, with his famous Frick engine, was also an enthusiastic booster; Clarence Stoller, who was the IH implement dealer, was the first president when the original generation was replaced by the next generation. Many of those living today knew these people and looked forward to reliving their good old days. Photo was taken in Pontiac near a local church.