| July/August 1982

Cliff Peterson, a civil engineer who collects patent models, made the buy of his life when he bought more then 40,000 of them for half a million dollars in 1979.

Now he's opening the more than 800 crates they came in and putting prices on them. Some of the models deal with steam inventions.

Here are samples of drawings and papers from a package Cliff sent IMA:

Steam engine valve gear, by P. W. Gates, D. R. Fraser and Thomas Chalmers, all of Chicago, patented July 5, 1859'a new and improved valve cut-off gear.'

Improvement for feeding boiler in locomotive, marine and stationary steam engines, by William H. Hubbell and David Matthew, Philadelphia, PA, patented May 29, 1855.

Means for taking the side strain from the rotative shaft and avoiding soft or elastic packing from coming in contact with the shaft, on rotary steam engines, by Matthew Fletcher, Louisville, Kentucky, September 18, 1866.