| November/December 1977

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In 1975 I started to get together all the information I could on the Avery undermounted steam traction engine. I ran information want ads in IMA and E&E magazines asking that all owners of AVERY undermounted engines send me the size, serial number and year engine was built.

From this ad and personal letters I got a fair reply. I thank those people for taking the time to write to me. A report will be made on this count. Mr. Lorin E. Bixler of New Concord, Ohio wrote to tell me that I should write to the U.S. Patent Office, Washington, D.C., and ask them what they would have on the Avery catalogs on the undermounted engine I noticed the patent numbers 842,786 and 842,840. I wrote the Patent office asking them what these numbers stood for. In time I got two most interesting envelopes of mail from them.

This is what the Patent Office sent me. Patent #842,786 was issued to Martin J. Hogan of Canton, Ohio. First application filed on September 19, 1903. Renewed on June 2, 1906, serial number 319,922. Patented January 29, 1907. This is the patent on the Aultman & Co. Double Star undermounted traction engine. Mr. Hogan was superintendent of the Aultman Co.

This is what the Patent Office sent me on the Avery Co. William N. Springer of Peoria, Illinois, assignor to the Avery Manufacturing Co. of Peoria, Illinois a corporation of Illinois. Patent #842,840. Original application filed December 21,1904, serial #237,859. Divided and this application filed March 8, 1906, serial #304,354.

Patent number 842,840 was issued to Avery on January 29,1907. I have no word from the Patent Office on number 842,786 other than it was issued to the Aultman Co. in a patent on January 29, 1907. This patent #842,786 is the connection between the Avery and Aultman Co.