Pawnee 1989 Show Again Scores With a Popular Hit

| May/June 1990

Rt1 Nashville, Illinois 62263.

The once popular 'Setting Contest' event was revived at the 1989 Pawnee Show and it proved to be a performance as well liked as it was during the steam threshing era. Possibly due to the decrease in show activity generally seen during recent years, this event was dropped. It is however a real crowd pleaser and we wish to tell you about it and suggest you attend the 1990 show as more of this activity will take place.

The rules of the contest are simple and easily understood:

1. The steam engine is positioned in front of the threshing machine with the drawbar in the exact position as if it were hooked to the separator.

2. On a signal from the judges is when the stop watches begin and the engineer moves the engine away as quickly as possible to get into the belt.

3. As the engine has quickly turned away and backed up to be lined up to the thresher in the location where the belt can be put on the flywheel, men on the ground and the engineer put the belt on the flywheel quickly as possible.