Penberthy Automatic Injector is TROUBLE-PROOF

| November/December 1987

AUTOMATIC in its action, unique in its simplicity and absolutely reliable in its time-tested design, the Penberthy Automatic Injector is the result of 40 years of careful manufacture and refinement.

The entire mechanism contains only two moving parts, both of which are simple heck valves built into the injector where they can never get out of adjustment or be subject to trouble.

All that is need to start it is to open the steam valve full, then open water supply valve full and adjust to point where it does not overflow. Without any other adjustment, the injector immediately draws up water from the supply tank, passes almost instantly through the five cycles illustrated below and continues to force a steady stream of water into the boiler until it is shut off. It is a perfect restarting, automatic machine. Once it is in operation, no attention is necessary to keep it going.

If the flow of water should be suddenly broken by any cause, such as a sudden jar or jolt as in the case of a traction engine or road roller, or in the case of a marine boiler by the vessel throwing the sea cock out of the water for a moment, the injector will pick up the water and again establish the steady flow into the boiler, automatically, without the manipulation of a single valve or the least attention from an attendant.

It is this quality which has made 'Penberthy' a by-wood among all engineers.

The Penberthy delivers water to the boiler at from 160 to 212 Fahrenheit, according to operating conditions. The stock model injector will start with steam pressures as low as 20 to 25 lbs, operating on a three foot lift. With from 60 to 80 lbs, steam pressure available it will operate on lifts of 20 to 24 feet. Special Injectors can be furnished to meet all conditions and requirements.