| November/December 1977

We thank the Mountain Lake Observer/Butterfield Advocate Newspaper for permission to use the following article.

BTA President Wayne Kispert told Saturday's machinery parade crowd he'd see them next year. 'If the Good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise.'

The Good Lord seemed willing . . . but the creek did rise. Just a tad, though, as Saturday's gloomy skies turned into a mist in late afternoon then into rain. A half-inch of rain fell on Butterfield during the 11th annual Threshing Bee, including a pretty hefty downpour in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

But, as he's now done for 11 straight years, the Good Lord looked down on the Butterfield Threshermen and smiled. He gave them a gorgeous Sunday with bright sun, a nice breeze to fan the Tuberg Mill and temperatures that just eased over the 70 mark. If the Threshermen could make a request, it was the kind of day they'd have asked for.

That description of the skies completed, the inevitable guess at what the crowd numbered is next.

From several sources comes this compilation on what they observed.