Phoenix Log-Hauler

| September/October 1953

  • Phoenix Log-Hauler

  • Phoenix Log-Hauler

234 N. State St., Mondovi, Wisconsin.

I am enclosing a picture of the Phoenix Log Hauler. I must insist that this picture be returned, as it cannot be replaced. I hope you can use it, as this is really one of the 'old timers'. This Phoenix Steam Log Hauler was built by the, Phoenix Manufacturing Company of Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1898, which is about 10 years earlier than the Holt Caterpillar according to the November-December issue of the ALBUM. This company manufactured 200 of these machines under the Lumbard patent. I understand they sent 6 of them to Russia in the early 1900's. They were quite common in northern Wisconsin before the era of gas caterpillars. I also have a parts list catalog.

A man who was employed by this company during these years as a shop engineer is still living and I hope to be able to get a complete story for you when the opportunity presents itself.