| November/December 1989

From Arthur ('Brig') and Helen Case Brigham,
Co-Editors, The Heritage Eagle, International J. I. Case Heritage Foundation

Jim Kyle's threshing 'train' led by a 1910 Burrell SC, followed by a Clayton Shuttleworth threshing mill, a cook wagon and bunk wagon.

The Brighams found no Case steam engines in New Zealand, but here Helen is aboard an 1894 6 HP McLaren single-cylinder two-speed, with engineer Darryl Ayson of Feelding.

As many of our readers know, New Zealand made a bigger 'deal' of the 100th anniversary of the tractor this year than other countries. The Brighams, well known for their Case activities in the U.S. and Canada, made a trip to New Zealand this year and sent the pictures on these two pages. The Brighams visited two shows in New Zealand, one at Christchurch and one at Winchester. They were impressed with the rallies, and found the people warm and friendly.