| March/April 1970

Trailers were used in the horse and wagon days as they are today to haul extra large loads. This 1916 picture shows Art Biram, now of Palisades, and the late Jack Mayse, Waterville, each with a trailer and wagon outfit, waiting to unload their sacks of wheat at a Waterville warehouse. The wheat was shipped out by Great Northern over the Waterville-Douglas branch line, in foreground. At the time, Biram was living on Badger Mountain. He and Mayse hauled for the various wheat growers. The trips varied from one to four trips daily depending on the distance from the warehouse to the ranches. Biram, who supplied the picture, recalls the roads were 'plenty rough', but the only catastrophe was an occasional sack of wheat falling from the wagons. Each trailer and wagon outfit hauled 110 sacks.