| March/April 1953

Mr. Earl Nelson of 4052 Seventh St., Minneapolis, Minn., tells about the Model Engine he built and which is pictured in this issue. Ed.

I waited some time for the pictures you will find enclosed. They were taken by the best photographer I could get, he is head photographer at the University of Minnesota.

This engine develops about one-half hip. at moderate speed and pressure. It is built a little different than the ordinary engine, in that the cylinder is square, on the order of a Corliss but still 'has a still valve.

You will note that the steam goes in the center of the cylinder on the top and comes out the same on the bottom. Also note that the cylinder cocks are built in the cylinder and drain into the exhaust pipe in the bottom.

Thus engine is not just an engine. It is built as neat as possible and with care it. runs noiseless at any speed.

I am also sending you a picture of patterns for a one-quarter hp. I am building and pretty much on the order of the one-half hp.