| November/December 1985

Nostalgia for the 'good old days' can certainly be satisfied at the Pioneer Auto Museum, located in Murdo, South Dakota, at the junction of I-90 and U. S. 16 and 83.

The Museum has ten acres of exhibits which cover every aspect of life in the early 1900's. Of special interest are various transportation displays from horse-drawn buggies and stage coaches, to classic cars (including Tom Mix's Packard and a Chicago gangster's 30's roadster!), to tractors and other examples of farm equipment.

Our readers will be interested in the J. I. Case engine shown which still runs and blasts forth smoke and noise as a reminder of farming days of old.

More information on this museum can be obtained from Dave Geisler (whose family founded the museum in the 50's), P. O. Box 76, Murdo, South Dakota 57559.