| July/August 1958

The Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana, Inc., held its yearly meeting for the election of officers and other 1958 business that came up, Saturday, at the Rush Co., Conservation Club Clubhouse. The following officers were re-elected for 1958: President, Ray Jones, R. R. 2, Sunman, Ind.; Vice-President, Paul Alyea, R. R. 1, Greenfield, Ind.; Treasurer, Anthony Moorman, R. R. 6, Greensburg, Ind.; Secretary, John J. Menchhofer, 3520 W. 12th St., Indianapolis, Ind.

In 1948 when this Club was organized it had just a few members and fewer engines. Little did we think that in this short period of 10 years it would have hundreds of members, and a very large number of steam engines, that it now has.

Our visitors last year came to see the Reunion by the thousands and went away well pleased with what they saw.

Although we had a very good show last year the Club is planning now to have a better show this year. So, make a date to visit us in '58.

THE CLUB, John J. Menchhofer, Sec.


Mr. Hobart Myers of Courthouse, C 8, Minot, North Dakota, has been in the Vets Hospital with a major operation. He said he was uncomfortable for quite a while but when the May-June issue of the ALBUM came his spirits rose and is now all pepped up.