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Mr. C. H. Dunham of St. Clair, Michigan, sends us a notice of
the death of Louis V. David of Northville, Michigan, April 9th,

‘Louie’, as most of us called him, was a builder of
midget racing cars for over thirty years. He owned a specialty
Machine Shop in Northville. He helped form the National Threshers
Association and had collected 12 live steam engines.

He is survived by a son, Gerald, and three brothers.

Mr. Dunham says, ‘The Steam Clubs have lost a staunch
supporter of the traction engine. He will be missed on the big
Avery at Montpelier. I attended the Mississippi Valley Show at De
Witt, Iowa, last year and when I left the grounds late on the last
day he had his Port Huron on the saw mill. Little did I think that
was the last time I would see him. We never know.


I am one of the thousands that read and thoroughly enjoy your
little Magazine.

It was my privilege to get in on the tail end of the good old
steam threshing days. I was only 15 years old when I fired a 25 hp.
Northwest steamer for Nels Barner at Benson, Minnesota. I fired two
more falls, then at 18 years of age I took my engineers test and
got my license. Getting that license was one of the big thrills of
my life.

Keep up the good work with the ALBUM. I can smell steam and hot
oil whenever I sit down to read it.

It is a wonderful thrill to attend the threshers Reunions and to
see these steamers rolling along so majestically.

O. W. STRAND, Clarissa, Minesota


Richland County Steam Threshers’ Club will hold its 4th
annual Show at Logan Farm at 465 Logan Road, between

Route 42S and State Route 13S at the south edge of Mansfield,
Ohio, on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 2 and 3, 1958. Fifteen large
steam engines, several gas tractors and models actually threshing,
sawmilling, prony breaking will be real animation. There will be
fans operating, etc. There will be plenty of entertainment from
relaxation to square dancing, also entertainment for children and
adults. Hotels and motels are convenient and good. Food and
refreshments will be served on the grounds by the Sertoma Club.

Come, bring your friends and family. Enjoy a wholesome good

Donation tickets at gate 50c-1958 Membership $1.00. Badges 25c.
Children under 14 free.


Evan L. Horn, Asst. Secretary


C. M. Busch will hold his 12th Annual Old Time Threshing Reunion
at his Ranch, three miles south of Colton, Washington, September
21st, 1953 in real wheat country. Whitman County, in which the
Busch Ranch is located, is the leading wheat producing County in
the United States.

There will be no stunts nor contests, just a demonstration of
old time threshing and exhibits of Models and old time


I am not a lady but I surely would like to add a complaint about
my good friend, Mrs. Leonard Mann, Otterbein, Indiana. She
didn’t mention Leonard’s good whole wheat pancakes, his
sorghum and cow butter. I think they are out of this world.

ERNEST COX, 1200 Cincinnati Street, Lafayette, Indiana

  • Published on Jul 1, 1958
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