Pioneer Engineer’s Club of Indiana 1992 Reunion

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The hand-powered Groundhog Thresher--threshing the old fashioned way!
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Some of the steam and gas engines and other equipment at the 1992 show.
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Some of the steam and gas engines and other equipment at the 1992 show.

R. R. 6, Box 315 North Vernon, Indiana 47265

The 44th annual Reunion of the Pioneer Engineer’s Club of
Indiana took place August 7-9, 1992. That weekend, some parts of
Indiana received as much as ten inches of rain. At the show grounds
in Rushville however, there was just enough to wet down the grounds
for spark shows. Saturday night, we had an ‘early’ show,
put on by Al New with his 24-76 Port Huron, and a ‘late’
show with Barry Moorman’s 23-90 A. D. Baker belted up.

In addition to steam fireworks, the show had not one, but two
‘ground hog’ threshers. One was a belt driven machine,
powered by Bill Stahl’s 1864 Gaar portable. The other was a
hand cranked machine driven by anyone interested in human powered
farming. Quite a crowd gathered to watch threshing done the old
fashioned way.

The club had a fine display of John Deere tractors, ranging from
a Waterloo Boy to a model ‘R’ with a cab. Other tractors on
display included an IH Titan 15-30, an IH Mogul 8-16, a Bradley, a
Shaw Du-All, and a good selection of Silver Kings and Rumely Oil
Pulls. ‘New’ machines at the show included Dan
Spalding’s 12 HP M Rumely built in 1896 (the featured steam
engine), Al New’s 15-30 Rumely Gas Pull, and a 20 HP Frick
engine, owned and beautifully restored by Ed Herman. In all, 27
steam engines, eight model steam engines, over 300 tractors, and
over 100 gas engines were at the show. The show also had a large
flea market, displays of old tools, a blacksmith, and the Festival
Wagon with its collection of old radios and player pianos.

For the 45th annual reunion, August 6th, 7th, and 8th, 1993, the
Pioneer Engineer’s Club of Indiana is extremely pleased to host
the first Rumely Collector’s Expo. Rumely Oil Pulls, gas
tractors, and Rumely Company memorabilia of all types will be
displayed. The show’s main theme is Rumely and Allis-Chalmers
tractors and equipment. It will feature Larry and Martha
Spalding’s 20 HP Advance Rumely, Al New’s 15-30 Rumely Gas
Pull, and Mrs. and Mrs. Joe Lambert’s 6 HP Rawleigh and Schryer
gas engine.

The show will be held at the Rush County Conservation Club
grounds, one mile east of Rushville, Indiana on Highway 44. The
rearranged show grounds provide more space for displays and easier
access for visitors. Steam engines, tractors, and gas engines will
operate a sawmill, threshing machines, a stone crusher, cornmeal
grinders, and Baker fans on all three days.

For information contact Dan Spalding, 5241 S. Columbus Rd.,
Shelbyville, IN 46176; Tracy Porter, R. 6, Rushville. IN 46173; or
Pat Schrank, 21097 Hickory Rd., Batesville, IN 47006.

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