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Secretary, 3520 West 12th Street, Indianapolis 22, Indiana

The Pioneer Engineers Club of Indiana Inc. held their 11th
Annual Reunion August 7, 8, 9, 1959, on the grounds of the Rush Co.
Conservation Club. This Club was organized from the old Brotherhood
of Indiana Threshermen which was formed many years ago for better
laws and working conditions for the Indiana Threshmen, who in those
days threshed the farmer’s grain with the old steam engine and
separator going from farm to farm threshing the grain crops for the
farmers. When the combine took over the brotherhood disbanded and
in a small way the Pioneer Engineers was started. At the first
reunion the club had but one engine and one separator and a very
small membership and very few visitors.

In the 11 years of our club we have grown a great deal, now
having more than twenty-five engines owned by our club members.
Also have a very nice lot of separators. We have a very old Ground
Hog Thresher, and a Farquar Separator hand feed and Web Stacker.
This Stacker is unique in the way it carries the straw to the
stack. Also an Aultman Taylor hand feed and Web Stacker which is
very old. All this equipment is in operating condition and was in
operation each day.

The Club members have traction engines such as Russell-Peerless
(wood spokes in rear wheels), Garr Scott (double) Baker, Frick (an
old timer), Advance-Rumley, Bakers, Cases, Kecks, Minneapolis and
others. Lots of models all patterned from the larger engines as to
the maker choice. Two large fans which are used the most of each
day that will make any engine ‘bark’. All boilers are state
inspected. For 1960 we will have several new-to-us engines such as
Aultman Taylor, etc.

A sawmill is operating each day. Parade of all equipment each
day. Threshing with the old separators each day. All equipment was
on the move each day — none idle.

Plenty of good meals and sandwiches each day.

Our visitors were from many states and all were well pleased
with what they saw.

We also put on a show with part of our engines and separators at
Corydon, Indiana, for the Harrison County Fair celebrating 100
years of fairs for that county.

This went over big there as many of the younger people had never
seen a steam engine.

  • Published on May 1, 1960
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