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3520 W. 12th St., Indianapolis, Ind.

The first reunion of the Pioneer Engineers Club was held at the
Rushville County Fair Grounds, Rushville, Indiana, July 30-31.

A very nice time was had by all present and the attendance was
very good. The big attraction for the visitors was when the engines
did their stuff on the Prony Brake, built by Mr. Keebler and Mr.
Moorman of St. Maurice, Indiana.

The following engines tried to only each other on the Brake:
Bernard Krekeler, 23-90 Baker Uniflow, 103 Brake hp.; Anthony
Moorman, Advance Rumely 20-75, 101 Brake hp.; Anthony Hood, 22 hp.
Double Keck Gonnerman, 99 Brake hp.; Lawrence Porter, 21-75 Baker
Uniflow, 86 Brake hp.; Howard Eubanks, 19-65 Port Huron Compound,
76 Brake hp. The Massey-Harris dealer at Rushville tried the Brake
with a Massey-Harris ’55’ tractor rated at 68 hp., pulled
70 hp. on the Brake. It was diesel equipped. Nelson Howard had his
50 Case on the ground as well as Verl Maple who had his 20 hp.
Frick double. Ralph Shellburne had his Model Advance doing all the
hauling. Luther Caldwell had his old time Gaar-Scott built in 1878
steamed up. It runs like a new one. He also had a Keck Gonnerman
32×54 separator and a Huber Roto Rack 28×50, both in good shape.
All the engines had a trypot on the separators threshing oats.

The above engines will be shown with the Prony Brake, in
operation, at the Indiana State Fair. August 28 to September 6th in
celebration of the 100th anniversary of the State of Indiana.

This is the first Steam Engine and Threshers Association
organized in Indiana. They have a nice membership and should be
well on the road to a large crowd of visitors in the years to

Mr. John F. Reimer of Fowler, Kansas, has an Aultman-Taylor 36
in. thresher in good condition. Paint bright including the Starved
Rooster. Write him if interested.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1952
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