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3520 W. 12th Street Indianapolis, Indiana

Mr. Lawrence Porter, Rushville R. 6, Indiana, had the misfortune
to have two fingers cut off of his right hand when he came in
contact with a mill saw while the saw was in motion. The accident
occurred January 10, 1958 at his mill.

Mr. Porter is a member of the ‘Pioneer Engineers Club of
Indiana, Inc. He was president of the Club for several years prior
to 1957.

At this writing he is doing very nicely and the members of the
Club and his many friends wish him a speedy recovery.

A social meeting was held by the Pioneer Engineers Club of
Indiana, Inc., at the Rush County Conservation Club House,
Rushville, Indiana, February 8, 1958. The meeting was called for
4:00 P. M., with a pitch-in dinner at 5:00 P. M.

Although it was near zero weather the turnout was very good.
Members came from Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois, to partake
of the good pitch-in dinner and after dinner enjoyed movies shown
by the members. All members present seemed to have a good time.

John J. Menchhofer, Sec.

Thanks a lot to all the members of the Pioneer Engineers Club of
Indiana, Inc., who were so kind and thoughtful to send me cards and
letters during my recent illness.

This was very nice for you folks to do and appreciated by me
very much.

I am now fully recovered from illness and feeling fine.

  • Published on May 1, 1958
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