Farm Collector


Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Mr. Dearing is Canadian National Railways Chief Dispatcher.

The above title was adopted for a club organized at Saskatoon,
Canada, on January 28th last. The ‘Pioneer’ chosen with
respect due those who opened up this country many years ago and
also since this is the first club of its kind now known to be in

This is the year of Saskatchewan’s Golden Jubilee
(1905-1955) fifty years since the founding of this great province
which was the scene of probably the greatest steam tractor activity
in the early years of this century and hence of interest to readers
of this magazine. Very many celebrations are being planned at many
locations in this province this coming summer and which will
include active participation by steam and old time gas tractors.
These are being supplied by The Western Development Museum which
has large displays at Saskatoon, North Battleford, and Yorkton. The
Board of Directors of this museum called the above meeting in order
to organize a pool of trained men who were, or who could become,
qualified to operate and care for these machines both at the Golden
Jubilee Celebrations, and also at their annual Threshermen’s
Reunion, the next of which will be held at their Saskatoon grounds
in early July, and at which actual threshing and plowing with steam
are among the activities each day.

The Western Development Museum is believed to be the only one of
its kind in existence and is a great credit to those pioneers who
founded it, among whom Mr. Roy Potter, one of your advertisers,
deserves the warmest praise. Each of the three unit contains most
steamers of Canadian manufacture in various sizes and types as well
as a large number of American engines, and most of all of which are
in good operating condition.

‘The Pioneer Threshermen’s Club’ has provisions for
two types of memberships, active and associate, active for those
who by experience and permit are qualified to operate steam,
associate for those who do not wish to take an active operating
role or who wish to qualify for the former at a later date. Several
members were also interested previously in this activity and owned
their own engines and it is expected the club will eventually also
be planning field days with smaller units performing steam
threshing and probably some plowing from time to time.

  • Published on May 1, 1955
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