Farm Collector


The Pioneers Club of Indiana held their reunion at the Rush
County (Ind.) Fair July 30 and 31 with a successful program. A
Prony Brake was made by some of the members and was used both

The second day two large loads of oats were threshed and this
event drew the largest audience. Five engines were used to thresh
the oats, a 20 hp Double Frick, 50 hp. Case, 21 hp. Baker, 22 hp.
Double Keck Gonnerman and a 20 hp. Advance Rumley. One exhibit the
members are proud of is Mr. Luther Caldwell’s Gaar Scott
portable of 8 hp., 74 years old, belted to his hand fed Gaar Scott
of about the same age. Mr. Caldwell is 84 years of age. Mr. Ralph
Shelbourn had his hand made traction on display and it drew much
favorable comment.

A total of 8 large traction engines were on display. Owners of
the engines were Jack Maple, Bernie Kreckler, Anthony Hood, Tony
Moorman, Howard Eubanks, Nelson Howard, Lawrence Porter, Ralph
Shelbourn, and Luther Caldwell. The Pioneers Club also had three
engines at the Indiana State Fair, which celebrated its 100th

A better program with more engines is being planned for next
year. The date will be announced later.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1952
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