| November/December 1972

Buchanan, Michigan 49107.

My grandfather on my mother's side lived at Reynolds, North Dakota, from 1882-1902 and in this era the virgin sod kept wanting to come back and since they raised only spring wheat and barley, they did not own a corn planter or cultivator.

After coming back to Michigan in 1910 an uncle went back to the same area in 1945 and saw good corn everywhere and Red River Valley spuds galore.

Spring wheat is good bait for stem rust and an old textbook states that in three spring wheat states in 1916, the loss from rust was $180,000.

In North Dakota four men could pitch spring wheat into a 36' machine and wheat would not come down spout as fast as two men pitching Michigan winter wheat into same machine.

I have counted a good many times and one bushel or two halves were out before the 14th bundle. Here in Michigan in our area of Berrien County we never used the basket rack. At several times it came up for a vote but we always stated our wagons were in use with hay loaders and it was a waste of time.