| November/December 1962

We had many good things come to us this Summer and we must tell you some of them. On our way to Montpelier we visited Clyde Whitmore, RD 1 Lodi, Ohio and we played with his near perfect Baker Uniflow. He has a steep bank on his grounds which he climbs and you know the sound of a uniflow. It did.

At Gilbery Enders, R D 3, Bellevue, Ohio we had another thrill. Gib fired up the 9 hp Case and the 20 hp Advance Rumely. Mr. Ormann Keiser was there and we each had an engine to play with. We traded at times. Gib furnished the wood and water and the good eats. Of course it was Mrs. Gib (Catherine) who prepared the tempting meals.

At Pinckneyville, Ill., Mr. Fred A. Kommer, 6131 Savio Drive, St. Louis 23, Mo., permitted me to run his 'Keck' around the grounds. I was a little rough with the throttle but Fred forgave me and blamed it on the valve. His engine is a thing of beauty and I believe it was the first 'Keck' I ever moved.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Buescher, R D 3, Edwardsville, Ill., kept my Grandson and I two days and Oscar took us to the Museum of Transport, St. Louis, Mo. It is a double pleasure to go with Oscar because of his experience as an engineer. He explained to us all the valves and working parts of the engines.

We stopped to see Milford Rees of Franklin, Ill., but he was in the Hospital. We understand it was for a regular check up. We surely give him our best wishes and prayers. We then went to our good friends, Grover and Elsie Caldwell and were entertained for the night.

On our way to Pontiac we stopped a few minutes at McLean, Ill., to see the Roberts. It was a very pleasing visit.