Plowing with Kitten Steam Engine No. 220,25 HP

| September/October 1990

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  • Engine

5427 W. 900 South, Pendleton, Indiana 46064.

Operated by Alan New and Jim New. These engines are a little easier to handle with two men as all of them I have seen, except one, had the steering on the left and the throttle, reverse, and clutch levers on the right side. This engine was built about 1935. They were built by Kitten's Foundry and Machine Works at Ferdinand, Indiana, and 224 of them were built. These later ones had butt-strap boilers. This engine is owned by the Al New family, Pendleton, Indiana. It is the feature engine at the 1990 Pioneer Engineer's Show at Rushville, Indiana.

Randy Helderman, SAR
3/24/2018 4:22:01 PM

Very nice to see my grandpa Otto Angerer’s # 220 in action and might be him and his twin brother John in the picture. The grooves on the front wheels were removed so they could drive on the highway moving the Angerer’s brothers sawmill in Dubois county, IN