3775 Herman Avenue, San Diego, California

Just received my March-April Issue of the magazine. I surely get
a great thrill out of it and don’t want to miss a single copy.
Read it from cover to cover and sorry when I get to the last page.
I have not been in the threshing game since 1925 but am still with
the boys in spirit. I spent 15 years behind the throttle from 1910
through 25.

On page 16 of the March-April ’55 just saved it all these
years and am sending it along for Mr. Buck master and anyone else
who might be interested.

Would be glad to exchange letters and swap stories with some of
the old timers as well as the youngsters in the most thrilling and
exciting game of all times — threshing the golden grain. I,
myself, am or was an old coal hog, having ran steam all through my
career as thresher.

Hoping Mr. Buck master enjoys the poem and that I will be
hearing from him, I remain,

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