Poem Recalls The By-Gone Days Of The Old Threshing Machine

The Old Threshing Ring

| November/December 1988

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1320 Old Creek Avenue, Bluff ton, Indiana 46714 Reprinted with permission from The News-Banner of Bluffton, Indiana

Florence I. McEckron discovered this poem in a box of items belonging to her parents. It was written she explained by the wives of the 'threshing ring' men and is at least 60 years old.

(For those too young to remember, a threshing ring was composed of a group of neighboring farmers who hired a threshing machine and operator to visit each farm and harvest the grain. All the farmers in the ring would assist in the process with the wives of the group providing the meals and refreshments. It also was a time for the youngsters to get together and play and sometimes assist with the work.)

Neighbors in the group included Charles Plummer (Mrs. McEckron's dad), Don Minnich, Delmar Huffman, Cary Roush, Leander Morrison, Rue Long and William Wolfgang, now all deceased.

The father of Chester Huffman (who is now a dentist in Hartford City) did the threshing.

Mrs. McEckron says she can still remember the girls of the families and they included the two Roush girls Helen and Ruth and her sister Esther. They enjoyed watching the work in progress and she remembers the teasing they took from Chester.