| November/December 1955

Lee Haven, Easton, Maryland

'Polar,' who died in July '53, was one of the most unique characters this part of the country had ever produced. He was a fine gas-motor man and a great lover of the water. I had known him for nearly forty years. His real name was Earle Trimble Spencer, and he lived only a few miles from me-on the water (a beautiful winding cove) the same as I do. People who knew Polar said the Skip per story hit him to a tee.

'He died and the jury wondered why-The verdict was the blue-tail fly'

The words and melody come drifting in rich and mellow through the shop window, and it's no other man than my sidekick, Polar, which last I haven't seen recent. When his presence obstructs the light through the door, I lay down my file.

As usual, Polar is clad casual, same comprising a pair of old pants cut off at the knees, and patched considerable. Which puts him inside the law, anyway.

Polar starts to speak, but the power of his thoughts stops him, temporary, and I wait, patient.