Pony Power

| January/February 1975

Route 1, Leetonia, Ohio 44431

I read so much in your magazine about the wives of men, who love engines, helping them. Now I'm writing about my husband.

He and his father worked steam engines on sawmills since Carl was eight years old. He tells me how he fixed the steamer when he was that young. Of course that is quite a few years ago.

Later they worked with reapers and any other thing you could do with steam. Next they went to gas engines in the woods. When we married in 1934, we lived in the woods and moved with the sawmill. Times were rough, but how happy and free we felt at that time.

Finally now for the last many years Carl has worked on Draglines, Cranes, or what have you.

The main thing I want to tell you is about how Carl loves animals. He races our ponies in the Pennsylvania-Ohio racing circuit and is vice-president. He worked hard all his life when he was young, now he doesn't know how to slow down. In the winter, he works on the Huber or the Rumely and any of the small engines we have. In the summer, he hurries home from work to train ponies for the races. We have a registered Hackney stallion 'C.R. Sharpie'. He was in the top ten racing hackneys until he hurt his leg one summer. Carl can take an animal, a man hater, like Sharpie was, and turn him into one of the most gentle and lovable ponies in the world. He has a way with animals and children that demands respect. Of course you know that I love him.