| July/August 1954

Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

According to Chas. Cole, you 'have a boiler full of water, pop ready to blow, and a real hot fire so let's get going!' I saw a notice in his catalog about your magazine so I am writing to see what it is all about. I finished a model traction engine some years ago, which I still have (free lance) and had lots of fun with it. Cylinder 1x11/2 and weighs 80 lbs. I own an engine and boiler out of an old Mobile steam car and two antique toy steam engines larger than most toys. Also have a steam driven bicycle which I rebuilt and which is in running shape.

I take pictures of engines wherever I find; them. The oldest one I have found is a Blandy bought new in 1863. I took a picture of it in 1951. You can see I am interested in steam, so send along the dope on your ALBUM.