Port Huron thresher

| May/June 1975

  • Case 65 engine

  • Case 65 engine

6445 Newberry Road, Du-rand, Michigan 48429

My threshing outfit which I spent five years of my spare time building. It is the popular 1/4 scale Case 65 engine and Port Huron thresher. The water wagon is made of material found in junk piles and the separator was bought about third-handed. The separator was built several years ago and had to have extensive rebuilding but it is as good as new now.

I bought the engine castings from Alexander Enterprises and all the rest I built with the help of my wife, when I needed four hands.

I have been fascinated by steam engines ever since I was a kid watching the old popcorn wagon engines. At about 15 years old, I built my first engine from a brass tire pump and some sewing machine parts. I have built two stationary engines like in the popcorn wagons. They run very well.

I have taken the ALBUM a few years now and will read most of it at one sitting. The day it comes, as it is hard to put it down until read.