| January/February 1958

This well drilling: outfit was owned and operated by Mr. Edward D. Everly, living- five miles south of Ash Grove, Missouri, in the Sycamore district, this photograph was taken about 1897 drilling this well for Mr. W. T. Chandler, at his residence in Ash Grove, Missouri. Drilled night and day, the well is 330 feet deep. The six horse power Nichols & Shepard Steam Traction Engine, and Saint Louis Well Drill were purchased new. Mr. Everly made the trip to Kansas City, Missouri, where he purchased the engine new from Nichols & Shepard Company. The new engine was used by the Company to unload machinery from the freight cars, to the docks, then to the warehouse. This was a real nice efficient drilling outfit. The writer of this description personally saw the rig. Charles L. Leeper, Ash Grove, Missouri

Rowland Williams (Boly), brother of F. L. Williams, at age 11 operating his first real mechanical adventure. The boiler could be steamed from cold in 3 to 5 minutes. It was used quite advantageously, pulling a garden plow, pumping water up a 40 foot bank from the river for irrigating purposes. It maintained a 2 inch stream in this work. It was also used for sawing down trees and also sawing trees up into stove wood lengths. This picture was taking in 1917. Rowland is now in the Air Force serving in England. The engine was built by the father on a foot powered lathe and the boys still have it.