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My nice modern 42 year old Case steam engine.
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Here is a picture of Wm. Horinek after he finished seeding on June 1, 1925 north of Hingham, Montana.
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Here is a picture of the Hart Parr, No. 5152, as it looks now, restored and running. We would like to hear from anyone who has or knows where there are any of these old Hart Parr 30-60's. Wouldn't it be nice if one could get an idea of about how many of t
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This picture was taken on the opening day of the Rock River Thresheree Meeting on September l, 1962, near Janesville, Wisconsin. It is a Fairbanks Morse tractor.
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Here is a picture of my wife, Alice, and her two 3060 Hart Parrs.
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The miniature working model of a 1911 York Flinchbaugh, 3HP, engine which I built. It went on the drawing board December I960 and was completed in June, 1961. It is scaled one quarter size of the big engine. There are no castings on it. Every piece was ma
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Here is a picture of the old Hart Parr, as we found it. Mr. Emil Christenson of Conrad, Montana is at the controls. The flywheel and many parts were missing.
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50 HP Case and 32 x 54 Case Separator threshing at Bird City, Kansas Show. Wm. Merhoff is on the engine.
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Mrs. Krushel standing beside the George White Engine, which is 74 years old. It is still in good shape. Mrs. Krushel thinks a lot of this engine standing on her front lawn.
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Have never seen a Birdsell in your Album, so I am sending you a picture of one. This engine is owned by Geo. Van Natta from Barton, New York.
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This picture was taken at our threshing reunion in 1957.
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Here is a picture of a 2175 Baker Uniflow. My son is standing by the wheel and I am on the Separator facing the engine.
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Here is a picture of my Advance Engine No. 10880, 1911 model. I bought this engine in 1928 and used it on a 28 Rumely Thresher until 1936. In 1939 I sold the engine to a party who had a fertilizer pit. In the fall of 1952 I purchased the engine back and h
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Hollis borrowed this beautiful threshing scene picture from Jerry Langdon of the Amarillo Daily News Staff. We thank Jerry and Hollis. The outfit is Case. Sometimes I think the smoke designs are prettier than the outfits. Anna Mae
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This engine stands in front of the Railroad Depot at Portland, Oregon. I am no steam engine authority but this one surely looks old to me. I guess a lot of you steam fiend s will know all about it and why it looks so different. Anna Mae
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This picture of the model Minnie was taken at the 1963 Western Washington Threshing Bee at Fort Steilacoom, Washington. This model is so original that it will thresh real wheat on live steam.
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Falcon steam tram and trailer 1885-1886 - They burned coke. They fired up and went to the city. Then fired up and got back without touching the fire each way. They picked up water after coming back from the city. Water was carried on the top. They had 150
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A Keck 19 HP Steam Engine, Serial No. 1873, built in 1931. My Dad Anthony Hood, Rushville, Indiana, is the owner of this engine.
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Here is a picture of my 18 HP Huber Engine, No. 11447, built in 1920. It is in fine shape. This picture was taken August 26, 1963 as we finished threshing and were about to put it in the shed. Robert Bass is on the left and I am on the right.
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This is my father, Matthew Dalton, with his threshing rig. He did custom threshing around Lima in western New York for over 40 years. The engine is an 18 HP with a Greyhound Separator. It was a machine that took a lot of power due to its large cylinder's
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Here is a picture of one of the nine individual threshing rigs in Yakima Valley, Washington. It is a W-30 Tractor and a very fine restored Case Separator. The 9 farmers thresh their own grain but exchange (he crew as harvest help is scarce. This rig thres
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