| January/February 1966

Sometime ago, I wrote you about a No. 1 that was stamped on a small boiler that was given me by the son (who is now 81) of its original owner. Your conclusion was that, the No. 1 was on the steel from the factory when it was shipped to N. & S. at Battle Creek, Well, this is a picture of that boiler restored and with a five horse WACH engine mounted on it. I have not fired it yet, but will do so this summer. This is the boiler of the portable engine shown in the March-April 65 issue from Page 55 of ALBUM. This was a Nichols & Shepard outfit and was used near Bennington, Kansas before the turn of the century. I do not know the hp of the engine, but my guess would be about an 8 hp. I have been written concerning this picture shown in the Album, so it seems to have created considerable interest.