| January/February 1968

Courtesy of Charles R. Hope, Jr., 1706 N. Troy St., Apt. 818, Arlington, Virginia 22201. Charter members of the Eastern Shore Threshermen and Collectors Assn., Federalsburg, Md. Back row, left to right: Wilbur Engle, Clifford Baker, Ross Rhodes, Pete Lovelace, Norris Chambers, Lloyd Pahlman, Melvin Engle, Paul Singer and Ted Thomas. Front row, left to right Ben Trice, Paul Secrist, J. Herman Layton, Norris Todd, Leonard Monatti, James Layton, Howard Engle, Richard Engle, Walter Messick, Lee Whitmore, A. B. Rosser, Lloyd Tarman, and Lee Engle.

We give herewith a good illustration of a 'skeleton -view' of the Minnesota Chief threshing machine, made by the Minnesota Thresher Company, Stillwater, Minn. The setting of the cylinder, and the whole arrangement of the working parts, make this one of the easiest managed and most effective threshers now in use. There is no waste of grain either from failure to thresh out, or imperfect separation, and it will even do good work in hulling clover seed, without a regular hulling attachment, which can be obtained if desired. There are very few belts needed, and altogether the machine is very simple, and durable.