| January/February 1969

This boiler is a 'Wood, Taber and Morse' six horsepower. The engine is not the original. It is a Byers, reversible with Gardner governor. A very good runner. Am thinking of making it into a traction. I have threshed grain with it too. It is under pressure here as I just finished sawing up an elm tree that had died in our yard as many of them did during our long hot drought of the past summer here. The one back of me is no exception.

MEADOWS STONE BURR Grist Mill 24', Style 4, s/n 5260. Restored and owned by Houston L. Herndon. Will be operating February 8th and 9th, 1969, at the FLORIDA AMERICAN ROYAL STEAM AND GAS ROUND-UP.

I don't know how I missed it before but I did--anyway just the other day while looking through back issues--in the Jan-Feb 1967 one, I see there a Mr. Amos Klingler of Bufton, Ohio would like to see a picture of a load of bundles, so here is one of mine. This picture was taken in 1935 and the crop was oats and the load threshed out close to 130 bushels. The oats here was heavy that year, but what helped besides that was that this wagon running gear was the newest low load thing from Montgomery Wards, with sealed roller bearing wheels still on steel, not rubber tires. The floor of the rack therefore was about a foot lower than conventional racks and it was also built a little wider and longer. To load this, I used an extra long handled pitch fork. I got a new Polaroid camera with a print copy attachment for my birthday so I'll get you a lot of interesting plowing match pictures from back in the early 1920's. The negatives have been lost to all these pictures and they are too priceless to take a chance on getting lost by sending to a photo studio, so now I can take care of it.

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