| January/February 1969

An 0-6-0; and No. 14, another 0-6-0 and No. 1286, a 4-6-2. These engine belong to George Hart and are used on trips from York to Delta, Pennsylvania. George has another one a No. 1238 that he was getting ready for inspection. He runs them over what is called the Ma and Pa Railroad. No. 1286 was used all 1965 trips to Hagerstown. Photo taken in 1965 of George's engines on a siding.

R.R.3, Boonville, Missouri, Walter Shippert, R.R.1, Rochport, Missouri, Waldo Kirschman, R.R.1, Prairie Home, Missouri. I believe Stoecklein was the builder of the scale model saw mill and Shippert and Kirschman were 'Just helpers'. They had been pulling the mill with one of the scale model traction steam rigs on display. They could really make the saw dust fly. Note the gas engines on display in the background. Most all of these engines were in running condition and several were running at the time of our visit to the 5th Annual Steam Engine Show at Boonville, Missouri on August 10,1968. Also notice the scale model Rumely to the right. I failed to get the name of the builder and owner.

Both are owned by Waldo Kirschman, R.R.1, Prairie Home, Missouri. He bought the steam rig new in 1917 and the pulveriser and crusher in 1922. Kirschman did custom work throughout his community until about 1940 with these rigs and for about 20 years he pulled his brothers 36-61 Bellville separator with the Jumbo. These fellows had some rainy weather for their 3 day show, August 9, 10, and 11, but are looking forward to a bigger and better show in 1969. Gus Schrader is President and Ed Schlotzhauer is Secretary of the Boonville show. They had a real nice display of steam rigs, tractors and cars. Better luck next years fellows.

One of the collection to be seen at the Machine and Steam Museum in Henderson, Nebraska.This is a fine engine. I saw it twice. NearĀ  Henderson, Nebraska, I was born and my father operated a blacksmith shop there 1888-1894. This Museum is a fine one and there are two good Avery Undermounted engines there.

The logs are out of the Chippewa National Forest which is just east of Bemidji, Minnesota. It is standing on frozen Lake Bemidji and the horses moved it. Every year at Bemidji, Minnesota in February, they have a celebration of Paul Bunyon's Day on frozen Lake Bemidji. There were several shacks on the lake and dog races. Also airplanes took off from the lake and lots of people literally walked on water. The load of lumber I saw on the lake was like this picture. It was started by two horses. Some pulling!

There is a reference to an engine with wheels made to operate over wood tracks or peeled poles. I am enclosing a picture of such an engine. We have no information about this engine except that it was used in the state of Ohio. A friend of ours loaned us a very old picture and our nephew enlarged or blew it up to make it clearer.