| January/February 1969

They have 3 speeds and; generally, they go to the Rallys under their own steam along the road. I am English and used to be a member of a Steam Club in England and being a boiler maker, I have worked on several engines. My Uncle owns a steam engine. I though on coming to America, my steam hobby would stop awhile, but was amazed to find so many steam engines over here. I have gotten much enjoyment out of your magazine, so much so, that when I return to England I would like to continue having it.

This is our seventh one - do you folks like them? If you cut out the picture on the heavy lines and paste on light cardboard with rubber cement you will have a three dimensional picture you can view in the old fashioned stereoscope viewer glasses. Please let Roy know if you like his pictures - and us too. Now, we had a letter from Robert A. Howard of 30 Everett Drive, Rochester, New York 14624 and he writes us: 'In regards to your stereoscopic views, your instructions advise to use rubber cement to mount the pictures to pasteboard. Rubber cement has a short life expectancy of maybe four or five years at the most, and having a high sulphur content, causes perman-staining and degrades the fiber of the paper. The views mounted with a good pure wheat paste will last longer and not be stained or materially damaged.' (I certainly thought this was worthwhile passing on to you folks - Anna Mae)