| January/February 1972

The photo was taken at Little River near Geelong in Australia in 1919. The owners were Warren Bros. of Geelong and the driver, Mr. F. W. Warren still attends Steam Rallys.

1948 was the last season the plant worked and most runs lasted 12 to 16 weeks each year. A good days work was about 2,000 bushels of oats. Quite a bit of barley was threshed also each year. The usual team consisted of twelve men, four on the sheaf stack, four on the straw stack, two band cutters and two on the bags. The plant is still in Geelong. Courtesy of Jack Kirkpatrick, BEAUFORT 3373, Victoria, Australia.

Large Minnie rig threshing in Rock Valley, Iowa. Tractor is a 35 x 70 HP Minnie-the separator size was unmarked, but looked to be a 40 inch oversize or a Standard 44 x 64 as it kept 13 bundle wagons on the go all day long. It was said this rig cost $9000.00. so I think it was a special build. I cannot tell a 40 Minnie or Reeves separator from a 44 in Kansas or Iowa as they all use 13 bundle wagons. (Clyde had this in with the two other pictures and requested it be in Iron-Men-Album, so it may be steam, looks like a narrow smokestack on the front but then again it may be gas-that's what it looks like.-Forgive me if I made an error I'm no authority on these monsters, but I've learned a lot in these past years-after all I never knew what they were, until I worked for I. M. A. Anna Mae.) Courtesy of Clyde J. Nichols, 4214-37'th St. So. Seattle, Washington 98118.