| January/February 1976

In relation to the Iron-Men Album, I believe quite a few readers are presently, or are retired, railroad men. I am one of them. I believe I have a locomotive picture that would be of interest to all readers, whether railroaders or not. On April 29, 1900 John Luther Jones, better known as 'Casey Jones' took engine 382 of the Illinois Central out on a passenger train. He hit a freight train which had broken down near Vaughan, Mississippi and Casey was killed in the accident. His fireman, Simon Webb, the only other man injured, died just a year or two ago of cancer. The 382 was built by the Rogers works in 1898 and was rebuilt after the wreck. Sometime later it was renumbered to 2012 and again was renumbered to 5012 and modernized. It was scrapped in 1935. The picture shows it as the 2012. [I am a former P.R.R. car inspector].