| January/February 1979

Who was O. N. Geer?

A book dealer has sold us three small photographs of horse-drawn teams belonging to Omar N. Geer, but he could not remember where he bought them. He thinks it may have been in Indiana. One of the photos, shown Above, depicts a wagon hitched to a steamer. The other two show wagons in front of Geer's livery barn.

If you know who Geer was, or are related to him, or want these for your collection, they are yours for the $3.00 we paid for them, plus 18 Pennsylvania sales tax, plus 15 postage to you $3.33.

Beginning with steam traction engine No. 77, Holt removed the wheels....and replaced them with a pair of tracks in 1904.Each track frame was 30' high, 42' wide and 9' long. Tracks themselves were 3' x 4' wooden slats. Holt figured the tracks had as much bearing surface as wheels 75 feet in diameter. Courtesy of F. Webster Advertising Caterpillar Tractor Company, Peoria, Illinois 61602.

Minneapolis 28-85 steam engine on the plow at the Rogers Threshing Show. Restored by Joe Logas of Buffalo, Minnesota.

Featured on this month's cover is a 16 HP Waterloo just watered before heading home. Photo taken on Puntlege Street, Courteney, British Columbia, Canada July 1977.