| January/February 1985

The above is a crude representation of the steam piano with which THE AMERICAN THRESHERMAN is entertaining its friends at the fairs along with other attractions. Threshermen are interested in machinery which pertains to their business and those attending the fairs are invited to call and inspect this latest invention in steam calliopes. The music from this instrument, instead of being harsh and coarse, can be as soft as a flute and yet loud enough to satisfy everyone. It is the music which users of steam power will greatly appreciate

The above photo, taken in Spring of 1879 is the Farm Machinery Hall of the J. I. Case & Company. J. R. McLaughlin, Fargo, D. T., was the agent at this time. Credit for this photo is given to F. Jay Haynes, photographer, the Haynes Foundation Collection, and the Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.

The above panoramic photograph was taken by Douglas B. Chadwick of Circuit Panoramic Photographs, Rt. 2, Box 21, Buckeye, West Virginia 24924 (Phone 304-799-6097). The scene is Rough and Tumble Engineers reunion in Kinzers, Pennsylvania in August of 1983. Chadwick tells us that the photos were made with an old rotating panoramic camera manufactured by Folmer and Schwing between 1900 and 1940, and the photos resemble those made in the 1930's by a similar camera, only today the prints are in color. Chadwick would be interested in photographing other steam shows, so interested people might want to contact him at the above address. This is one of 3 taken at the Rough and Tumble Showothers show tractors and gas engines. (Actual size of the photograph is about 40' x 9')

A 1907 Reeves 32 x 110 HP, cross compound motor, with a Garr Scott separator. This was one of the threshing outfits owned by W. H. Jurney & Sons (my grandfather, father and uncles). This picture was taken at Vulcan, Alberta.

Shown is a print from Mr. Russell Peck (right center) now 89 years young. The picture was taken on the Moses J. Peck farm 7 miles north of Hancock, MD in 1908. Russ is retired from a career as an explosives expert and still lives near the family farm.


Pictured is a 22 HP Advance, built in 1907. Engine number is 10986. Stainless steel jacket.