| January/February 1987

25 Years Ago at Mt. Pleasant: Brian Krog of RR 1, Box 124, Lake Benton, MN 56149.

Family Corn Festival

It is a scene from the recent Family Corn Festival held last August 24th at the Ontario Agricultural Museum near Milton, Ontario. The main attraction was freshly steamed corn-on-the-cob. A large steam engine cooked the corn with the husks on, sealing in all the fresh grown flavor. Visitors could sink their teeth into this tempting treat as they enjoyed the sights and sounds of square dancing, dixie-land band music and demonstrations of corn husk doll and wreath making, corn husk pipes and more.


Above Picture is the Drummond Brothers 25 HP Russell engine #17111, which is shown belted into the fan at the 1980 Mad River Steam Show in Urbana. The man turning the injector on is the late Elmer Wenger.

1915 CASE 65

Above is Melvin Kestler of Rio Rancho, New Mexico and his previously owned restored 1915 Case 65 #33090. The picture was taken at the Antique Engine & Thresher Show when it was held on the late Roy Kite's farm, Bird City, Kansas. This engine is now owned by Clarence Young of Great Falls, Montana.