| January/February 1990

Donald Webb of Rt. 3, Amarillo, Texas 79107 bought this engine from Bob Hanley of Berryville, Arkansas in 1984. The engine spent most of its life around Harrison, Arkansas. After Webb restored this tractor, he bought a 36-60 Advance Rumely separator which he has finished restoring.

Pictured above is self-proclaimed 'old engineer' Sid Jones, 11512 -139th St., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5X 3L4, along with a couple of his engines.

Very early Lang & Button traction engine built in Ithaca, NY. 2 unusual features: wooden spoked front wheels and lack of steam dome. Steam is heated by stack heat before reaching governor. From Steve Davis, RD 2, Box 842, West Winfield, NY L3491.