| January/February 1992

At right is a photo of Joe Kuester's 16-48 N & S, Serial Number 9798. The engine is Wisconsin reg. No. 22, 125# W.P.S. Here it is fired up for the Fireman's Festival Parade last August.

Left to right are John Schley, steersman, Joe Kuester, engineer and owner, and Dean Miesner, Fireman. Kuester lives at 7-8th St., Clintonville, Wisconsin 54929.

Who's Sawing Wood?

This picture was sent to us by Morris Blomgren of R. 1, Siren, Wisconsin 54872. It comes from a group of photos known to be from the Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota area. Perhaps someone will recognize the picture and write to Anna Mae to tell us more about it!.

Young Subscriber Has Some Questions

Fifteen-year-old subscriber Joshua Nace, 5540 Board Rd., Mount Wolf, PA 17347, sent us this picture of himself at the throttle of Harry Bechtold's 1921 9 x 10 Frick. Joshua also is learning more about steam rollers by running Abe Warner's 1909 10 ton Buffalo Springfield roller.

Joshua is interested in hearing what people think about the boiler laws in Pennsylvania, with only one inspector, and in other states as well. He'd also like to hear from others concerning how much it costs and how easy it is to get the engines inspected.