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This picture was taken in front of my house. It is a steam
traction engine that I built in my spare time and some was not so
spare. It is a double cylinder engine, 2  x 3 cylinders, and
has a code boiler built to carry 150 P. S. I., but I do not need
that. I am carrying 140, and it has plenty of power with that as I
use it to run a cord wood saw cutting my stove wood. I can keep 3
or 4 people busy. I also use it for steam engine shows and parades
as I have a transmission out of an automobile built in it with 3
speeds forward. That gives me whatever speed that I want. I mostly
use second gear as that gives me about 4 miles per hour. If I need
more speed, I use high which is about 8 miles at engine speed of
about 250 rev. I burn coal in it as it has a fire box of 12 x 18
inches and steams very easy.

I bought the boiler from Ed Troudt Boiler Shop at Nelson,
Nebraska and it is a very good boiler. I built a water tank which
is mounted on the rear axle like a Frick Engine. The tank holds 15
gallons which is plenty for about 2 hours’ use. I have Yi inch
injector and a water lifter to fill the tank with that I made. I us
inch suction hose and have lifted water for 12 feet with it. I used
roller chain for my drives as it runs very smooth.

If any of you steam fans care to come to see it, let me know and
I will have steam and you can take a spin on it.


  • Published on Jul 1, 1966
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