Post Card

| July/August 1966

A Russell Traction Engine

1315 E. Fair oaks Ave., Peoria 4, Ill. Courtesy of Ken Schumacher, A Russell Traction Engine photographed at the 1960 Central States Thresherman's Reunion. The engine was owned by Mr. Kinzinger, who passed away this year.

Ken Schumacher

This picture was taken in front of my house. It is a steam traction engine that I built in my spare time and some was not so spare. It is a double cylinder engine, 2  x 3 cylinders, and has a code boiler built to carry 150 P. S. I., but I do not need that. I am carrying 140, and it has plenty of power with that as I use it to run a cord wood saw cutting my stove wood. I can keep 3 or 4 people busy. I also use it for steam engine shows and parades as I have a transmission out of an automobile built in it with 3 speeds forward. That gives me whatever speed that I want. I mostly use second gear as that gives me about 4 miles per hour. If I need more speed, I use high which is about 8 miles at engine speed of about 250 rev. I burn coal in it as it has a fire box of 12 x 18 inches and steams very easy.

I bought the boiler from Ed Troudt Boiler Shop at Nelson, Nebraska and it is a very good boiler. I built a water tank which is mounted on the rear axle like a Frick Engine. The tank holds 15 gallons which is plenty for about 2 hours' use. I have Yi inch injector and a water lifter to fill the tank with that I made. I us inch suction hose and have lifted water for 12 feet with it. I used roller chain for my drives as it runs very smooth.

If any of you steam fans care to come to see it, let me know and I will have steam and you can take a spin on it.