| July/August 1967

24 x 40 separator

Courtesy of LeRoy Fett, Harrisburg, South Dakota 57032 First Gas 'n Steamers Picnic at Hartford, South Dakota. This is the size 24 x 40 separator I made in 1941. That's me putting a lid on it and my 2 children in foreground. (Note Farmer's Friend Trade Ma

LeRoy Fett

Courtesy of Elmer F. Allshouse, R. D. 6, Greensburg, Pennsylvania 15601 This is a picture of the last steam engine I have built. I finished it last year. I built both boiler and engine, also the crankshaft. The boiler is 16' diameter by 8' long and is 3/8 material tested to 300 lbs. cold water pressure and carries 100 lbs. steam. The engine bore is 3 3/16 x 4 1/2 double cylinder. The crankshaft is made of 9 pieces of material pressed together, welded and machined. The chrome differential rear axles are. from a 1948 GMC truck. The rear wheels are from a McCormick Deering tractor. The front wheels are from a manure spreader I have. A 4-speed transmission from a Chevrolet truck which gives me 4 speeds forward and 4 speeds in reverse. It has lots of power. It has a Wolf reverse. The outfit weighs 3 tons empty.

On a clear day the Rock of Gibraltar can be seen across the straits. Each day thousands of Spaniards cross the neck to work in Gibraltar. The. people in Gibraltar will tell you quick that you are in England when you are in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is like a large army post and the shopping district has narrow streets (only one).