| July/August 1970

Pictured above is an Avery under mounted steamer we rebuilt and installed a new all welded boiler.   The third shot is of the train set-up, which we drove to Pontiac over Route 116. Behind the engine is a water tank; the old boiler off of the engine -cut away for display; a trailer load of old church, school, farm and locomotive bells eighteen in all. Weight is 5600 pounds. Then there is a wagon filled with bus seats to give rides to people who attend the reunions.

It took two years to get this boiler made up and we have 170 pounds of steam on board. This makes this old steamer alive and ready to go. We have done everything there is to do with it, but have not yet pulled a plow.

The trip to Pontiac is fourteen miles. It took 7 hours and 450 gallons of water and ton of coal. So, when people say that Averystakea lot of coal and water, this should be proof of that or the engineer does not know much about steam engines. (This concerns only me.) Courtesy of Truman Koopman, Flanagan, Illinois 61740.

My dandy Reeves 'Mr. Reeves' 16-50 hp. double single, built in 1918. Stored in Hixton, Wisconsin. Engine and boiler are in excellent repair and has original decals. I hope it can escape forever the 'junker's torch.' It has a musical pep-pep-pep exhaust all its own. It attracts much attention wherever it is taken for shows.

Courtesy of Wilbur A. Skaar, 1429 Benton St., Alameda, California 94501.

Photograph taken August 4, 1959. At the summit 6293 feet up! These little locomotives make the 3 mile climb to Mt. Washington in about an hour and fifteen minutes.