| July/August 1975

Sept. 22, 1974, Nanton, Alta., Reunion. This yearly show is arranged and organized by Norm Edey of Nanton, Alta. On the left is Mr. Jack Burrows of High River, Alta., he is owner and engineer of this 1917 - 25 x 75 D.S. Gaar Scott steamer; a nice running engine, does a good job of supplying power for the separator. The man on the right is Eric Schwesinger of Calgary, Alta. Eric is doing a good job of watching the steam gauge. Harvey Walter of Calgary, is belt man and a very good one. Bill Hertzke of Nanton is spike pitcher and has an 'eagle eye'. Ernie Walter dida good job of oiling and greasing the motor; he had the best job. Ernie is also from Calgary. Courtesy of Arlo Jurney, F3 - 520 -75 Ave., S.W. Calgary, Alta. T2V 0S2

Well, that time of year, 'SHOW TIME', is rolling around again. The time of year we all look forward to. Lots of hard work in preparation  yes, but all so worthwhile. This picture was taken at Nanton, Alta. in 1974. The occasion, a threshing 'bee' put on by Norm Edey of Nanton, Alta. It was held Sept. 22, 1974. John Kemp of Nanton, and Arlo Jurney of Calgary are keeping the separator going, while the Nanton crew of boys feed the hungry machine. This yearly reunion is well attended and enjoyed by all who partake in it or just go for a visit. Many hours of pleasant reminiscing takes place and a 'good time is had by all'. Good eats are available and the engines run smoothly. Norm Edey cannot be seen in this picture, because he just went for lunch. The weather was ideal, for attendance and for threshing. One of the best SHOW days attendance wise, and operation wise that has been known at Nanton. The separator is a 1925 -36 x 64 Minneapolis. Courtesy of Arlo Jurney, F3 - 520 -75 Ave., S.W. Calgary, Alta. T2V OS2

This little fellow, or is it a she, is a 1/4 scale model of the Sawyer Massey 76 HP, Western Special plowing engine. They were made at Hamilton, Ont., Canada, the 76 through 1911 -1916 and considered a very good all around engine, economical on water and easy firing. This one was completely built in my home workshop, and took about 4 years of my time. A lot of driving and time was spent in finding material new or used that could be converted to my use; plus a lot of headaches; plus a lot of satisfaction when it first boiled water, made steam, and actually ran. These two pictures taken in 1974 show rear and right view, and front and left view with me at the controls. Courtesy of Harvey Walter, 1008 7 Ave., N.E. Calgary, Alberta, Canada.