| July/August 1980

A 1909 J. I. Case, 15 HP; simple engine number 22279, owned by the Batterberrys of Burlington, Washington.

Kevin is on the deck and James is with his trusty dog Homer by the front wheel.

'This engine has had little use and is in excellent condition.''

Pictured is Ted Worrall of Loma, Montana. Ted visited New Zealand in January, 197S. The engine he is driving is a 1/3 scale model Burrell built by Hughey Rainey of Ashburton, New Zealand.

The recent ratification vote on the Panama Canal treaty revision has focused attention on this symbol of our national achievement in the engineering world. In view of this, my passage through the Canal enroute to the Pacific to photograph the solar eclipse was indeed very timely.

It was particularly gratifying to see that after all of these years another symbol of our heritage, the steam powered derrick, was still active. At each of the locks there were several of these locomotive cranes. I saw two that were 'hot' and working. This one, though, 'cold' at the moment, was in a position that I could get a good angle from aboard the FAIR WIND. We were in the Pedro Miguel locks at the time.